Monday, December 11, 2006

More LibDem Bastardry in Bedford!

Not content with nicking Barry Monk’s domain names, it would appear that Bedford LibDems have also registered the ‘Bedford Conservatives’ Domain names – and set up a ‘smear campaign’ website. The integrity of these scoundrels has sunk to unfathomable depths!

Being an incorrigible sleuth, Dr Informed thought that it might be illuminating to investigate the political scene in Bedford in order to work out the ‘quality’ of opposition to Dr Barry Monk.

Having been directed to this site by the mighty Google, Dr Informed’s well defined masculine chin almost hit the floor! The reference to a ‘conservative activist’ using gay chat up lines has something of a 'Liberal' Democrat Hypocrisy smell about it, doesn’t it? Using Dr Rant’s patented ‘stooge detector’ technique, the culprit can be unmasked:

Visit for more information about

Registration Service Provided By:

Domain name:

Registrant Contact:
Conrad Longmore (
Fax: +44.1234000000
26 Heron Heights
Goldington Green
Bedford, State MK41 0AA

Status: Locked

Recognise that name? Dr Informed does! Conrad Longmore is also the registrant of this website.

Why not email the cad Longmore with your opinion of his activities?

So what have we learnt about the quality of politics in Bedford? Firstly Labour are shutting the hospital. Secondly, the Conservatives appear to be a ‘bit dodgy’, (although Mr Longmore doesn’t provide any evidence). Thirdly, the Liberal Democrats are a bunch of amoral scumsucking bastards who epitomise all that is shabby and disgusting about modern British politics.

The people of Bedford will make the right choice come the next election because they have an alternative. It would appear that the Hospital isn’t the only thing that needs saving in Bedford……….democratic integrity is also at stake.

Cometh the hour, Cometh the man, Cometh Barry Monk!


gjamie said...

To be fair to you detective skills he does put his name and address at the bottom of the home page.

Still a git though and the Conservatives could get the site off him if they cared to.

Perhaps keeping their powder dry though.

Dr Informed said...

I hope you're a better doctor than you are a private detective.

Dr Informed said...

I would write a pithy response to you Ruck, but my tongue has become adherent to my cheek and I must therefore decline to respond.

I'm sure you'll get over the disappointment you cheeky fucker!

Would you be any relation to Lib-Dem Angus by any chance?

I the interests of balance and probity, I shall soon be turning my attention to Conservative health policy (or lack of it).

All the Best..

Dr Informed said...

Good stuff. Feel free to file an ICANN complaint if you wish, too.

heidikraut said...

Dr Informed - I am confused by these comments. Is someone nicking your blogger log-in - is it the LibDems? Do they steal sweets from children and kill kittens too?

Dr Informed said...

Under 'other' identity, you can put what ever you like in! My own comments are attached to my charming photograph.

Patsy Spewitt said...

You could have a lot of fun with that, couldn't you? If you were childish, that is.

Liberal Democrat Supporter said...

Honestly! What childish games people are prepared to play in the name of Politics.

Can't we all just be friends and pull together for the sake of all our futures?

Fuckwit said...

Crocodillian Steam-Roller club!!! Arrf Arrf

It's me really!!

Dr Informed

The Screamer said...

I liked 'Liberal Democrat leader Ming Campbell' =
"Ill-tempered, damnable comical garbler."

Not that there's any truth to it of course......

Yeah....... and it was me really too ;)

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